The Punjab Chicks commenced their journey (business) on a very small scale, way back in the year 1980. This small scale Company was the only Company to have started the production of a "day old chicks" along with the responsibility of taking care of the hatching eggs.
The next step of the Company was to begin an export business with countries in the Middle East. Due to their credibility nationwide, Punjab Chicks got an opportunity to export their production in Middle East. This was a great opening for a small business to make it big and to establish in an appropriate method.
Thus the episode of the export business began. First the Punjab Chicks began their export by dealing with the country Dubai. This happened in the year 1990. The export program began on a very small scale first, but it quickly got the fame and export deals from other countries like Muscat started to flow in.

In 1995 company exported a "day old chicks" and hatching eggs to a well known poultry company by the name of “NASIR LASHCO” in Muscat. The Chief Executive Officer of NASIR LASHCO Company visited Punjab Chicks in Pakistan and exhibited full assurance and confidence in the Company and its products. This confidence won the Punjab Chicks an export deal with the NASIR LASHCO Company. They imported a "day old chicks" and hatching eggs until Nasir Lashco established their own breeding farms in Muscat.

Meanwhile other countries that were included in the export deal with the Punjab Chicks are United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. These two countries were also exported the same products that is a "day old chicks" and hatching eggs.

In addition to the export with the U.A.E, the Punjab Chicks even has branch offices there, which has been opened for the sole reason of sustaining and maintaining the high-quality name of Punjab Chicks in the Middle East.