Production Units

The Punjab Chicks has a Head Office in Rawalpindi and a branch office in Dubai. The breeding farms are situated in Punjab and as well as the Northern Areas of Pakistan.
However hatcheries are located in punjab.


There are two major products of Punjab Chicks,1.Day old Chicks 2.Hatching eggs which are produced here in Pakistan in our production unit, and then these are exported to the countries in the Middle East. These products are met with the international quality standard to ensure credibility among the customers.
The hatching eggs are one of the products, which are catered for in the poultry farms. In these farms maximum hatchability of the eggs are ensured. This is done by using first-rate technological methods. In these farms the chicks that are exported are just a day old and in order to make certain that these tiny chicks are free from any diseases, the staff of the Company makes sure that the chicks are well looked after and are disease resistant. As these chicks are well nurtured they have a greater feed consumption ratio.